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Permanent Representative of Yemen to United Nations: The government calls on the Security Council to take all measures against Houthi militias and supporting forces

New York, The Yemeni government confirmed that the continuation of the Houthi terrorist militias targeting civilian installations in Saudi Arabia and the international maritime corridors, with the support and guidance of the Iranian regime, reflects the extent of the danger posed by these coup militias, pointing out that these terrorist acts represent a flagrant challenge to the international community and a clear message to the world that these militias do not believe in peace and have no desire and willingness to respond to their demands.

During his meeting with the United Nations Security Council in New York, Yemen's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saadi, stressed the importance of committing to the implementation of the concept of operations for redeployment and strengthening the mechanism of tripartite monitoring and verification in any deployment.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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