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Al-Jubeir Meets with Representatives of Arab and International Media Outlets in the United Kingdom

London, Adel bin Ahmad Al-Jubeir, Minister of the State for Foreign Affairs and Member of the Cabinet of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, affirmed that if Iran closes Strait of Hormuz, there will be very, very strong reaction, adding that "calm is required in the region, but we cannot reach that end as Iran's hostile behavior has inflicted a great deal of harm, he said.

He stressed that the Kingdom doesn't want a war with Iran, adding that the international community is determined to confront the Iranian hostile and aggressive behavior.

In a press meeting with representatives of the Arab and international media outlets on the sidelines of his ongoing official visit to London, Al-Jubeir affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is consulting with allies to secure the water corridors and is exploring several options, pointing out that there are sufficient evidences blaming Iran over the recent attacks on oil tankers.

He asserted that the Iranian hostilities on maritime navigation affect the world, citing that the attacks on four oil tankers off UAE Fujairah port and two tankers in the Gulf of Oman are sabotage separate acts of which Iran is accused to be involved, calling upon Iran to change its hostile behavior, stop supporting terrorism and return as a normal state.

With regard to affecting the great powers' stances, Al-Jubeir said that it is absurd to imagine that any party trying to drag great powers into a war with Iran.

On a judgement issued by the British Supreme Court to review the licenses to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, Al-Jubeir explained that the British ruling on arms sales is procedural and internal matter.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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