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13,000 Participants from 162 Countries in Quran Recitation and Athan Competitions

Riyadh, The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) announced that the number of participants in the Quran Recitation and Athan competitions have exceeded 13,000 participants from 162 countries a month after the opening of registration on May 22nd.

The first stage of the Quran Recitation and Athan (Call to Prayer) competitions, organized by GEA, will continue to receive participants' applications from all over the world until July 22nd. The second stage of the competitions, which will see the shortlisting of applicants, will start from July 22nd until August 23rd. The on-stage live performances will take place from August 24th to September 24th, and the winners will be announced and awarded throughout the final stage, which will run from September 25th until October 25th.

Through organizing the largest Quran competition and the first Athan competition with total prizes of $3.2 million (12 million Saudi riyals), GEA aims to provide a rich experience to the world by highlighting the diversity of the Islamic world cultures, reflected through the style of Quran Recitation and Athan performance. GEA also aims to enhance the image of Islam and Muslims internationally, and encourage Muslim youth across the globe to recite the Quran and experience performing the Athan to discover the best and most influential voices. Furthermore, GEA aims to introduce the world to the moderation and tolerance in Islam by highlighting its splendor and richness that rejects extremism and discrimination, as well as affirm the Kingdom's prominent position in the Islamic world as the key destination of all Muslims from all over the globe.

Since the launch of the two competitions, the number of people registered via the website has reached 56,000, which reflects the high anticipation for the competitions among Muslims. For further information on the terms of participation and registration, please visit the website:

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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