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JIAT Official Spokesman Holds Press Conference 6

With regard to the National Commission to investigate alleged violations to human rights on (03/04/2018), that the Coalition Air Force bombed a house in (Al-Qimmah) neighborhood on (05/08/2018), which is under the control of the Yemeni resistance forces, and is (500) meters away from the nearest Al-Houthi armed militia site, killing (6) people and injuring (4) others. JIAT vetted the incident and reviewed all documents, including procedures and rules of engagement, Air Tasking Order, daily mission schedule, after mission report, mission video recordings, satellite images, provisions and principles of international humanitarian law and its customary rules, and assessment of evidences, JIAT found that on Wednesday, (05/08/2015), the Coalition Forces did not carry out any air missions in (Taiz) governorate, and on the day prior to the date of the claim (04/08/2018) JIAT found that the Coalition Forces carried out one air mission in (Taiz) governorate on a (legitimate military target) about (2.5) km from the coordinates of the house in the claim.

JIAT also found that the Coalition Forces carried out an air mission on the day after the claim day (06/08/2015) on a (legitimate military target), about (15) km away from the coordinates of the house of the claim, after reviewing the satellite and surveillance images of the house (the house of the claim), it was found that there were no traces of air strike on it. In light of that, JIAT found that the coalition forces did not target a (House) in the (Al-Qimah) neighborhood district of (Cairo) in (Taiz) governorate as of the claim.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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