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KSA’ Support and Donation to Palestinian Refugees Highly Appreciated by UNRWA 2 Beirut

The UNRWA statement quoted UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl as expressing thanks to the Kingdom and its people for the additional financial support provided for UNRWA at this time, stressing that the Kingdom's long-term partnership with UNRWA to support Palestine refugees was something UNRWA could rely on.

The UN agency said that the Kingdom's support for Palestinian refugees came at a critical time for UNRWA because of the financial challenges to meet all its financial requirements until the end of this year, adding that UNRWA needs in 2019 a total of $ 1.2 billion for all of its operations in the region, including human development and the provision of humanitarian assistance services

The UNRWA statement stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a loyal partner of UNRWA and in 2018 has become the third largest donor with a donation of $ 160 million, expressing its grateful for the Kingdom's sustained support.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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