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Yemeni government renews condemnation of Houthi terrorist attack on Abha International Airport

Aden, The Yemeni cabinet renewed its condemnation in the strongest terms of the repeated attacks by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia on Abha International Airport.

During its meeting today, the cabinet considered the continuation of the Houthi militia in these terrorist operations, which deliberately target the areas populated by civilians and civilian facilities, as a flagrant violation of all international norms and laws, especially international humanitarian law.

The cabinet stressed that the terrorist attack was a sign of the terrorist militia's disregard for international laws and customs and reflected the Iranian influence on the Houthi militias and the lack of seriousness of the Houthi militias in peace, according to a report by the Yemeni news agency.

The Yemeni cabinet called on the international community, the United Nations and the Security Council to condemn this attack and carry out their responsibility to compel the Houthi militias to implement international resolutions to end the coup and restore legitimacy according to agreed terms of reference.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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