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US Treasury Imposes Fresh Sanctions on Iranian-backed Lebanese Terrorist Hezbollah’s Officials

Washington, US Department of the Treasury announced here today imposing fresh sanctions on three officials of Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist Hezbollah, for exploiting political as well as financial systems, in Lebanon.

Among the three officials of Hezbollah, two members of the Lebanese parliament, whose given names are: Mohammed Ra'ad and Ameen Shirri, in addition to the Head of the Liaison and Coordination Unit of Hezbollah Wafeeq Saba.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury had included "prominent political figures of Hezbollah, who are taking advantage of their political positions to facilitate the work of Hezbollah's malicious agenda, through the back-up of Iran," US Treasury Department statement added.

Furthermore, the US Treasury Dept. called on the international community to add both Hezbollah's political and military wings, alike, to the terrorist lists.

The US Treasury concluded by notably accusing Amin Shirri of communicating with people on the terrorism list.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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