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Dozens of Houthi terrorist militia killed, including field leader in Al-Dhale

Aden, Dozens of Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia have been killed and others wounded in clashes with the Yemeni army and raids by Yemeni support coalition fighter planes in provinces of Al-Dhale and Baida southern and central of Yemen.

According to a Yemeni military source, according to the website of (September 26 Net) of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, at least 13 Houthi militants, including the field leader known as Abu Shareef Hezam Abdullah Motahar, were killed and more injured during the clashes.

The clashes erupted after the Houthi militia tried to sneak into Yemeni army's positions in the fronts of Ghalq and Shakhb.

The Yemeni army troops thwarted the militia's attempt and forced them to flee towards the neighboring province of Ibb.

In Baida province the fighters of coalition of support for legitimacy in Yemen launched a several air strikes on a group of militias in the front of Na'te east of Baida province in the central of Yemen.

The raids targeted militia groups in the areas of El Bark and Bawwas, resulting in deaths and injuries among the militia and the destruction of their vehicles.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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