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Washington: We will work hard to ensure freedom of navigation in the Gulf

BAGHDAD, The United States is discussing with other countries the freedom of navigation in the Gulf and will "firmly" pursue this goal, the Commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKinsey said.

The remarks were made by McKinsey during a joint press conference held in Riyadh with the Commander of the joint forces of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, Lieutenant General Fahd bin Turki bin Abdul Aziz.

Asked if Saudi Arabia would play a role in the planned international alliance to secure navigation in the region, Prince Fahd said the kingdom was escorting vessels in the Red Sea and carrying out similar activities in Bab al-Mandab Straits.

This comes in conjunction with the announcement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards detained a foreign tanker on the pretext of transporting smuggled fuel from the Gulf.

Six merchant ships have been attacked since May by an unknown destination in the Gulf of Oman, blamed by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Two weeks ago, the Gibraltar and British authorities seized an Iranian tanker loaded with oil on the grounds that it was heading to Syria in violation of European sanctions against the Damascus government. Days later, London accused Tehran of trying to detain a tanker as it crossed the Strait of Hormuz, increasing tension in the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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