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Saudi Arabia: We do not want a war with Iran anywhere

BAGHDAD, Saudi Arabian envoy to the United Nations, Abdullah al-Mu'alllimi, said Riyadh does not want any war with Tehran anywhere, stressing that Yemen's crisis should end.

The report of the Saudi mission to the United Nations in Twitter published a statement made by Al-Mu'allimi to journalists: "Yes, the time has come for the Yemeni crisis to end. The time has come for the Houthis to accept and recognize Resolution 2216 and end their illegal occupation of power and government centers in Yemen.

The Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations in the context of expressing his country's appreciation for the international condemnation of the Houthi attacks on Saudi territory, that Riyadh specifically wants to implement the resolutions of the Security Council, including resolutions calling for the imposition of arms embargo on the Houthis.

The Saudi diplomat pointed out in this context that the attacks on his country, "was not carried out only with weapons reached to the Huthis from Iran and manufactured in Iran.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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