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Criminal Court Announces Alternative Date for Considering the Case Against the Accused, Eidah Al-Harthi

Riyadh, The Specialized Criminal Court announced that, in view of the absence of the accused Eidah bin Raddad bin Eiadh Al-Harthi, a Saudi national who holds ID No. 1002556338, to attend the scheduled trial session against him on 19 / 11 / 1434 H. and a further one on 25 / 12 / 1434 H., and the inability of the competent authorities of the Court to communicate with him as per his contact number registered with them, an alternative final date was set on Wednesday, corresponding to 27/12/1440 H. at 09:30 a.m. to take a ruling on the case.

The court hopes that the defendant will come to the court on time, and if he does not show up, the court will issue a judgement in absentia according to Paragraph 3 of Article 57 of the Legal Litigation Procedure and article 9 of the Terror Crimes System.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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