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The Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Meeting for the Committee on Transport, Border Ports and Ports started

BAGHDAD, The Head of the Border Crossings Authority, Kadhim al-Aqabi, headed the delegation of Iraq participating in the Iraqi-Saudi coordination meeting of the Committee of Transport, Border Ports and Ports, which will be held for the period from 23-25 July at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport in the presence of Iraqi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Qahtan Al-Janabi.

The Head of Ports Authority said that the two sides discussed the stages of completion of the Arar border port and the completion rate achieved in the rehabilitation of the port and infrastructure which amounted to 40%. It is hoped that the project will be completed in mid-October and discuss the memorandum of understanding signed with the Civil Aviation Authority of both countries, including the work to expand the number of flights as well as facilitate the procedures in granting visas to owners of vehicles and citizens in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

He added that during the meeting, the joint memorandum of understanding on land and sea transport was reviewed and paragraph 6 / a of the land transport memorandum was updated, which included allowing buses to cross both borders to ensure the rights of the Iraqi side in the trade process."

Al-Aqabi said that the two sides agreed to automate the customs procedures through the port of trade exchange in order to ensure good performance and genealogy in the movement of goods and commodities. The Saudi side expressed its readiness to provide the Iraqi Customs with the automation system and help develop the capabilities of the customs staff by Training to work on this system ".

The Iraqi delegation to the meeting of the Joint Committee included the head of the border crossing, Kadhim al-Aqabi as head of the delegation and the membership of representatives of the Directorate of Travel and Nationality, the General Company for Maritime Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority / Air Transport Section and the Governmental Coordination and Follow-up Section of the Committee Secretariat.

The two sides will resume their discussions tomorrow to complete the remaining issues on the agenda of the Joint Commission.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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