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The Border Ports Commission Discusses With Saudi Arabia To Speed Up Linking Iraqi Arar Port With Jadida Arar Of Saudi

BAGHDAD, The head of the Border Crossings Commission, Kazim al-Aqabi, discussed with the Saudi Governor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Customs, Ahmed Al-Qahbani to expedite the linking of Arar port from the Iraqi side and Jadida Arar in the Saudi side, provided that both implementers have access to the customs data of both sides.

"The Saudi side should give priority to choosing a contractor to maintain all the ports' buildings and agree that the joint meeting between the two sides will be held in the province of Basra in Iraq," he said.

The delegation of Iraq includes the President of the Commission as Chairman of the delegation and the membership of the representatives of the Directorate of Travel and Nationality, the General Company for Maritime Transport, Civil Aviation Authority / Air Transport Section and the Government Coordination and Follow-up Section of the Secretariat of the Commission.

The work of the Iraqi-Saudi bilateral committee will continue for the period from 23 - 25 July, and a number of axes have been discussed and appropriate recommendations have been made to activate the work in Arar port and the achievements achieved to achieve the opening of the trade exchange between the two countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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