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Interior Ministry Spokesman: pilgrims arrive in Makkah today in preparation for Hajj journey in Holy Sites 5

For his part, Official Spokesman of the Civil Defense Mohammed Al-Hammadi confirmed that the Civil Defense has prepared a comprehensive plan to be implemented by a personnel of more than 17,000 and more than 3,000 vehicles to protect the lives and properties of pilgrims and to provide safety and protection for them.

Al-Hammadi also said the Civil Defense has inspected the pilgrims' dwellings to ensure the provision of fire protection requirements. The Civil Defense has also issued licenses to 616 dwellings in Madinah and 4,246 dwellings in Makkah to host pilgrims, the Official Spokesman said.

Al-Hammadi pointed out that the Preventive Supervision Team in the Holy Sites and Makkah conducted more than 25,104 field inspection tours to ensure the implementation of fire safety and protection measures and achieve the highest level of safety, pointing out that many awareness programs were held for pilgrims in different languages.

Al-Hammadi also said that 1500 persons have volunteered in the work of civil defense.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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