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Interior Ministry Spokesman Announces Completion of First Phase of Transporting Pilgrims to Mina 2

For his part, the Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Hatem Qadhi stressed the success of pilgrims' transport to Mina, where the vast majority of pilgrims arrived in Mina and there are only 10% of the pilgrims on their way to Mina to spend the day of Tarwiyah there. He also said that the rate of bus engine failure was very low (less than 0.5%) compared with the last year.

For his part, the Official Spokesman of the Hajj Security Forces Command Sami bin Mohammed Al-Shwairkh said that the second phase of the Crowd Management Plans and the related traffic plans started from the early hours of the day, stressing that all the plans are going as planned.

He also said that 256 fake offices were seized in various regions of the Kingdom, and those responsible were referred to the official authorities to take legal action against them. Also, 16,903 persons who intended to perform Hajj were returned back because they did not obtain a regular Hajj permit, and 218,696 vehicles violating Hajj regulations and instructions were not allowed to enter Makkah.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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