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Pilgrims peacefully settle in Muzdalifah valley

Muzdalifah, Saudi Arabia, As many as 2.4 million female and male pilgrims who came from inside and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Islam's fifth and optional pilgrimage this year, have peacefully settled this evening in the valley of Muzdalifah, after having successfully attended the Stand of Arafa ritual, the peak of Hajj few hours ago.

In their third station following Mina Tarwiya Day and Arafat Day, they have to perform the Maghreb (sunset) and shortened from four-to-two-bows Isha (evening) prayers, stay the night, collect pebbles and head for Mina early morning as per the prophet's tradition.

Pilgrims reached Muzdalifah by train, buses or on foot without even a single grave incident amid unprecedented government services.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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