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Pilgrims start to move from Arafat to Muzdalifah

Arafat, Saudi Arabia, More than 2.4 million female and male pilgrims coming from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year started their U-turn journey from the valley of Arafat, where they have completed the peak ritual of their Hajj to the nearby valley of Muzdalifah to stay the night there as per the tradition of Prophet Mohammed when he performed his one-time ever Hajj.

After having performed the shortened from-four-to-two-bows Dhuhr (noon) and Asr (afternoon) prayers together at noon time, pilgrims successfully and smoothly completed their standing at the Mount of Arafa, appealing to Allah the Almighty to forgive their sins and thank him for facilitating this Islam's fifth and optional ritual.

Spotted by SPA, pilgrims rushed their ways either on foot or by bus or train escorted by Civil Defense planes and other agents.

Those who choose walking, have to cut the world's longest pedestrian path of 25-km from Arafat to Mina through Muzdalifah.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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