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Aerial Bombardment, Artillery Shelling Targeted Houthi Militia, in Northern Yemen

Sa'ada, Yemeni National Army artillery bombarded moving forces of the Iranian-backed al-Houthi terrorist militia, in Qataf district, east of Saada province, in northern Yemen.

The website September Net of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense said that the shelling targeted reinforcements of the Houthi militia, as they were on their way to the areas of confrontation, leading to the destruction of a number of vehicles belonging to them and the death of those on board.

In the same context, fighter jets have targeted last night a gathering of al-Houthi militia, in the same front.

The raids resulted in deaths among the al-Houthi militia, including a field commander and wounded others, in addition to the destruction of three vehicles belonging to them.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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