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IOFS Holds 2nd General Assembly in Jeddah

Jeddah, The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) held here today its Second General Assembly under the theme: Promoting Islamic Solidarity through Food Security.

The session would feature consultations and deliberations by ministers and senior officials in charge of agriculture, rural development and food security in the OIC member states. In addition to participation by the thirty-three member states, which have so far joined to the Statute of IOFS.

The agenda of the Session will include, among other issues, the elaboration of a 3-year Action Plan that will prioritize elaboration of a database on the state of food security in the OIC member states as well as modalities for the creation of a Regional Food Security Reserve and the establishment of a Grain Fund with the aim of mainstreaming intra-regional cooperation of food security within the OIC space. Another key issue that will engage the attention of ministers and technical experts is the enunciation of IOFS Investment Programme, which will seek to promote value addition and effective secondary and real sector activities among member states.

Considering the teething problems of post-harvest losses in its member states and the need to enhance intra-regional investment in agro-food processing, the meeting, which will lasts for three days, will also deliberate on activating a business to business cooperation among its member states and their private sector establishments, including the possibility of actualizing the recommendation on the establishment of an Islamic Food Processing Association.

The meeting will also review certain administrative measures, aimed at consolidating the structure of the Organization. The latter include the consideration of the recommendations of the Executive Board on the election of a new Director-General for IOFS, the IOFS Work Programme for 2020, Organizational Structure for the Secretariat of IOFS, which is based in Nur Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan and other general and financial policies.

Furthermore, the meeting will review submissions from several participating institutions on collaborative measures for cooperation among OIC, regional and global development, research and technical institutions.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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