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Yemen’s defense minister lauds efforts of Coalition in support of his country’s battle

Aden, Yemen's Defense Minister Gen. Mohammed Al-Magdashi today lauded the efforts and noble fraternal positions of the member countries of Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to defend his country's battle aiming to preserve the fate of the country and joint interests.

He disclosed that his department has issued instructions to the authorities concerned to deal with utmost decisiveness and firmness against any subversive attempts aiming to undermine the country's security and stability or deviate its march to restore the State.

In a statement, carried by the state-run Yemeni news agency, he said the ministry of defense is committed to shoulder its duties and national and constitutional responsibilities to protect the State's institutions and confront any chaos attempts targeting the security and stability of the nation, its sovereignty, territorial integrity or social cohesion.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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