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Iranian Oil Facilities Are Preparing For Possible Cyber Attacks

BAGHDAD, Iranian Oil Minister Begin Zanganeh on Friday instructed to prepare for any possible cyber-attacks against Iranian oil facilities.

According to "Russia Today" the Iranian minister is scheduled to visit today oil facilities in southern Iran, and this comes at a time when tension is increasing in the Gulf region after the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia attacked on Saturday.

According to the Iranian Energy News Agency, it has been announced to raise the state of alert in the strategic installations in southern Iran to the high orange level so that the forces and competent authorities such as crisis management and emergency prepared to face any emergency immediately.

The agency pointed out that the Iranian oil minister will meet the managers of four major oil companies, in addition to security officials oversee the protection of Iranian oil facilities.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Iran of responsibility for the attack on two oil facilities in the kingdom, which led to a decline in production of Saudi Arabia by 5.7 million barrels per day.

For its part, Tehran denied involvement in this attack, and warned Washington and Riyadh against attacking Iran.

Prior to Iran, Kuwait raised the level of security for the country's port facilities, whether commercial or oil, as tensions escalated in the region.

The price of oil rose during trading today, amid fears of global oil supplies affected by tensions in the Gulf region, which is a major source of oil.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency