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Art Workshops Held, on the Falcons Exhibition sidelines, in Partnership with the Saudi Fine Arts’ Society

Riyadh, Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition has launched several workshops, interactive and artistic presentations, accompanying the exhibition, in partnership with the Saudi Society of Fine Arts starting here today, up to October 15, where these workshops will be held on the first two periods, from 12 noon to 6 pm, and the second from 6 pm to 6 pm 12 PM.

Workshops include a variety of arts, such as wood burning, thermal clay forming, transfer technology, mural painting, charcoal painting, oud and coffee painting, threading, in addition to a child corner.

On the other hand, King Saud University, represented by the Department of Animal Sciences, at the Faculty of Science, will held, within the activities of the Riyadh season, three scientific seminars, dealing with topics related to the areas of the environment and living organisms, including falcons, and the findings of recent studies on their care and breeding, among the most prominent seminars.

The Impact of the Environment on Living Organisms, the Modern Trends for Conservation of Falcons, in Saudi Arabia and Parasites in Falcons and How to Combat them? are the mottos of these seminars, respectively.

These seminars contribute to the promotion of the culture of environmental protection and the mechanism of dealing with the category of falcons, according to the most prominent of these studies and experiences, in addition to what can be offered by academics and academicians, to enrich the exhibition and visitors interested in the field of falcons as well as hunting, in the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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