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PM’s Office: The Director of the Office Has Nothing to do with The Subject Of The demonstrators

BAGHDAD, The Prime Minister's Office denied an article in Foreign Policy magazine and Al Hurra TV channel about relationship between the director of the office Mohammed Al-Hashemi (Abu Jihad) and the subject of the demonstrators.

The office said in a statement: "The claim of the author of the article that there is a role for the director of the Prime Minister's Office in the events that accompanied the demonstrations is untrue, and the date referred to by the author of the article, which is the third of October is a proof that his information was fabricated and false because the director of the office was at that date outside Iraq on a government mission in Saudi Arabia and in the United Kingdom and he resumed his work on the sixth of the same month. '' so he has nothing to do with the demonstrations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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