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The Saudi Ministry of Culture partners with Andrea Bocelli Foundation in “Voices of the World” programme

Paris, The Saudi Ministry of Culture signed an agreement with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) in Paris today, bringing the Voices of the World programme to the Middle East. The programme aims at providing psychosocial support for disadvantaged children and youths through the establishment choirs other music education activities.

The Ministry of Culture seeks through this agreement with ABF to enable participants and their communities through strengthening their musical skills, stimulate innovation, and promote cooperation with them in line with the United Nations Development Programme objective: Quality Education highlighted through Sustainable Development Goal number 4 of the 2030 Agenda.

Dr. Abdel Rab Idris, the head of the Saudi National Music Band, part of the Ministry of Culture, said: We are delighted for being part of Voices of the World Programme and support music education in the region. Within the next years, we look forward to contributing to the sustainable development of our Arab region through the Voices of the World programme.

The 'Voices of the World' programme will be implemented throughout the coming years in the Middle East and will reflect the journey of communities and students participating in the preliminary version of the project's initial activities. The programme also aims at supporting students with developing talents and enhancing their capacities to form chorus, developing their leadership skills and contribute to empowering their societies.

Maestro Andrea Bocelli, the founder of ABF, said: Since 2011, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation has worked tirelessly to empower people and communities in susceptible circumstances to help them overcome barriers and reach the expression of their full potential. He added, With Voices of the World, the positive psychosocial effects of music education will provide invaluable opportunities for disadvantaged youth currently living in the Middle East.

Stefano Aversa, Chairman of ABF, said: Through this agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ABF will be able to devise projects across the Middle East, which in turn will allow the youth living in areas of conflict to be empowered at a global level through 'music'.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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