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Al-Baldawi MP: Talking About Upcoming US-Israeli Strikes Is Not Cause Any Concern

Baghdad, The MP of the Sadqoun bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, said: "The news talks about American-Israeli strikes expected against popular mobilization sites or resistance factions do not cause concern," pointing out:" The plans of America and the Israeli entity against Iraq have never stopped ".

Al-Baldawi said in a press statement: "Targeting the popular mobilization by the United States and Israel is not strange or surprising to us, because their plans exist to target any of the resistance factions and even any of the opposing countries, and this is not new." Added, "What is being circulating and marketing by America and Israel for targeting the resistance factions does not frighten or discourage those factions."

He added: "Targeting the popular mobilization is not new, as America and Israel directed numerous strikes to the popular mobilization's sites, during and after the liberation battles against ISIS, the last of which is the targeting of the weapons stores for the popular mobilization by Israeli drones, which has been recognized by the Iraqi government."

Al-Baldawi pointed out: "America has used all means of war against any resistance faction or a opposing state. It has used direct war, by bombing, and time proxy war as it is happening in Yemen and implicating Saudi Arabia and the UAE."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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