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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Nassif Hitti, on Monday renewed Lebanon's commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative which was endorsed at the Beirut Arab League Summit in 2002, and based upon the related UN resolutions and international law principles, in order to reach a just, lasting, and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian Cause.

In a word delivered during the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting in the Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah, Hitti indicated that the conference was taking place "at a critical historic moment in the course of the Palestinian Cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict" considering the many challenges and reverberations not just for Palestine, but also for the region and the world.

At the beginning of his speech, Hitti thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its unremitting support for the Palestinian Cause and leading role in the service of the joint Arab and Islamic action.

"The proposals and ideas made under the title of peace are solutions based on a quasi-Palestinian semi-sovereign statelet and on some Palestinian lands, while seeking to add legitimacy to the occupations and ignore legal principles and international resolutions," Hitti said.

"Such ideas would only cause further tensions, risks and destruction," he added.

"We are always open to hearing all proposals," he underlined, highlighting the necessity to abide by the related international laws and UN resolutions.

He also stressed that solutions must be advantageous to one side at the expenses of the other.

He lastly called for effective cooperation and swift action at all levels to make peace in compliance with the well-known international references, the principles of the Arab Peace Initiative, and the fresh Arab League decision.

Source: National News Agency