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Ministry of Health: Two Indian Sisters are under Observation and Precautionary Isolation

Riyadh, The Ministry of Health disclosed that two Indian sisters who came to the Kingdom via King Fahd International Airport are currently under observation and precautionary isolation, pointing out that they left China on January 12 to India and stayed there for about 21 days. This period is more than the incubation period of the virus. The two sisters had no clinical signs and did not visit Wuhan city during their stay in China. They entered the Kingdom on February 3. Therefore, their entry into the Kingdom following their stay outside China for more than 15 days is legal where it is not allowed anyone to enter the Kingdom coming from China during a period of last 15 days.

The Ministry confirmed that the epidemiological isolation team headed to the Indian family's home immediately and took samples for laboratory testing. The samples are currently underway.

The Ministry of Health reassured that the cases are not a cause for concern, as the incubation period for the virus was ended before their entry to the Kingdom and no clinical signs. Although. the necessary precautions were made.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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