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Border guard successfully evacuates a British sailor on a vessel in the Red Sea

Jazan, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Border guard has managed to successfully evacuate a British sailor following confirmed reports that he was suffering from severe complications while he was on a vessel in the Red Sea, western waters of the Saudi city of Jazan.

In a statement, the official spokesman of the border guard, Lieutenant Colonel Misfer bin Ghannam Al-Giraini said the crew on board of Al-Aflaj vessel, an affiliate of the Saudi border guard, who is in charge of search and rescue operations on the sea, have successfully evacuated a 59-year-old Briton suffering from acute pains in the stomach, chest, and back with difficulty of breathing after having located him abroad the Djiboutian-flag MARDAB commercial vessel, some 125 nautical miles west of Jazan, following the distress notice sent to the concerned authorities in Saudi Arabia.

Accordingly, he was rushed to the nearest medical facility on the Saudi coast, where he received the necessary medical treatment, the spokesman added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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