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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Receives Hundreds Of Iraqi Artifacts And Promises To Continue Recovering Cultural Heritage From All Over The World

Baghdad, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it had received a number of antiquities in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities, and pledged to continue recovering the rest of the Iraqi cultural heritage throughout the world.

Foreign Minister Muhammad Ali al-Hakim said in his speech during the ceremony of handing over the artifacts, Today we announce the retrieval of more than a hundred and fifty-eight artifacts, and a file containing two hundred and fifty documents dating back to the middle of the last century, belongs to the royal family, noting that all this would not have happened without the concerted efforts of government institutions related to the countries to which these monuments had entered, including: Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and South Korea.

He added, These artifacts have returned to the homeland to join the rest of the antiquities in Iraqi museums, noting the efforts of the working diplomatic missions that have been following the retrieval process, stressing that we will work hard, and we will spare no effort to recover the rest of our cultural heritage in all over the world.

The Foreign Ministry officially announced, These pieces included 156 cuneiform script that were received by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London from the British Museum, and a file containing 250 documents dating back to the second half of the last century, which is correspondence belonging to the royal family received by our embassy in Riyadh from the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in Saudi Arabia, an antique received by our embassy in Seoul from a German person taken from the Ziggurat of Ur, and an antique received by our embassy in Bern from an Iraqi family residing in Switzerland.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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