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Trump blames Saudi Arabia and Russia for the oil crisis and the decline of US stocks

Baghdad, US President Donald Trump blamed the battle of oil market shares taking place between Saudi Arabia and Russia and false news that he did not specify in the steady decline in US stock prices on Monday, amid a drop in demand for crude due to the Corona virus.

Trump said in a series of tweets: that falling oil prices would benefit Americans, and said: Good for the consumer, gasoline prices are coming down.

He added: Saudi Arabia and Russia are competing for the price of oil and its flows. That, and false news, are the reason for the market downturn. ”

In a separate tweet, Trump played down the impact of the Coronavirus, comparing the number of Americans who died from it to the largest number of seasonal flu deaths.

He said: No closure of anything, life and economy go on.

The main US stock indices fell seven percent today, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled two thousand points after the decline in oil prices by up to 22 percent.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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