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Council of Economic and Development Affairs Reviews Several Relevant Issues, Current Situation, Covid-19

Riyadh, The Council of Economic Affairs and Development held a meeting, at Al-Yamamah Palace, here tonight.

During the meeting, the council reviewed a number of economic, developmental and social issues related to the current situation, and reviewed the precautionary efforts and preventive measures made by government agencies to follow up the health status, in the Kingdom, in light of the novel Coronavirus Covid-19, praising what has been done by the relevant sectors, to follow the developments of the health situation, in the Kingdom, and urged all sectors and agencies related to exerting efforts, harnessing capabilities and taking all measures that would take care of the public health and safety of citizens and residents.

The council also discussed the presentation submitted by the Office of Strategic Management of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development regarding the annual report of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision, which included a review of the vision process and the level of achievement related to the main axes: (a vibrant society, a prosperous economy, an ambitious nation) and its reflection on the targets of its indicators and programs, and the most prominent upcoming stages.

It also followed up the quarterly report submitted by the Ministry of Finance regarding the performance of the state budget and also reviewed the performance report of government agencies submitted by the National Center for Governmental Measurement (performance), reviewed the report on the work of the relevant committee on administrative organization, in the council.

The council concluded by taking necessary recommendations on the issues discussed.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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