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GCC Health Ministers Review Novel Coronavirus related Developments, in the Member States’

Riyadh, Ministers of Health of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the GCC, reviewed latest developments related to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and discussed the measures taken to limit the pandemic outbreak, in the GCC countries.

During a meeting held here today, via a video communication, a summary of the current situation, in each country was presented, including the procedures followed at the outlets, crossings and statistics related to the virus, health sector readiness, media and awareness and emergency plans, in this regard.

The ministers valued the tremendous efforts made by health sector employees, in the GCC countries, and their tangible contributions in curbing the spread of the virus. They also praised the cooperation of citizens and the official civil bodies, in these circumstances.

Furthermore, the ministers urged citizens and residents, in the GCC countries, to apply infection control standards and avoid going to gathering, as much as possible, and to maintain preventive safety measures followed, in such cases.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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