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Coronavirus’ Developments Follow up Committee Confirms Continuation of Proactive Mopping to early Detect Infected Cases

Riyadh, Coronavirus’ Developments Follow up Committee held its 59th meeting here today, presided by the Minister of Health Taufiq bin Fozan Al-Rabia’h.
During the meeting, latest relating developments and reports were discussed, to be reassured of the detected cases conditions, in addition to review the worldwide situation of the pandemic. The meeting also underscored the significance of applying all precautionary and preventive measures and consolidating them, at entry crossings, in order to confront the pandemic and stop its spread, calling for all to respond to the curfew order.
Following the meeting, the daily briefing was conducted, where the Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali stated that the new detected cases of infected people in the Kingdom is 1132, 79 per cent of them are expatriates and the remainder 21 per cent are Saudis. Makkah, he added, tops the affected cities with 315 detected cases, followed by Jeddah 236, Riyadh 225, Madinah 186 and Dammam 88.
The toll of cases of infections in the Kingdom is 8274 with 6853 active cases undergoing medical treatment, 78 critical cases and the remainder are stable. Meanwhile the total number of the recovered are 1329 with an additional 280 new recoveries. Death toll by now is 92 Kingdom wide, as new five cases have been reported, one of them is a young Saudi national aged 34 years old, in Jazan.
740 cases reported today, Al-Abdulali said, represented 65 per cent of cases detected through proactive mopping techniques, proven to be the best scientifically recognized approach for early detection of the virus.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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