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Interior Ministry: Lifting Precautionary Measures in Number of Madinah’s Districts Starting from Today

Riyadh, An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that, in light of the health authorities’ recommendations, it was decided to lift the precautionary measures previously announced on 27/03/2020 in the districts of (Al-Shuraibat, Bani Dhafar, Qurban, Al-Jumuah, part of Al-Iskan and Bani Khadrah) in Madinah, as of today, Saturday 9 May 2020 and allowing their residents to move freely, to meet their needs, from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm, with the continuation of the work of the excluded activities and the implementation of health precautionary measures, which have been previously announced.
The Ministry of Interior confirms that these measures have been taken as part of the efforts being exerted by the Kingdom to preserve public health by preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and are subject to continuous evaluation with health authorities.
The Ministry also calls upon everyone to assume their responsibilities and adhere to the precautionary measures for the sake of the public interest.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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