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Qatari Foreign Minister: The Situation In Iraq And The Region Putting Us On The Brink Of An Explosion

Baghdad, Qatari Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, warned that the situation of Iraq and the region is on the verge of explosion, in light of tensions and the absence of reforms, and the repercussions of the Coronavirus, calling on the countries of the region to cooperate with each other to overcome challenges.

“In light of the blockade on the State of Qatar, the Iranian-Saudi tension, the Iranian- American tension, the situation in Iraq, Yemen, and others, in addition to the absence of internal reforms, all of this places the region on the brink of an explosion,” Al Thani said in an online seminar with Johns Hopkins University.

The Qatari minister stressed the need for the countries of the region to cooperate with each other if they wanted to overcome these situations, saying that “all these tensions and conflicts raise concerns, in addition to the presence of countries that are unable to manage governance and carry out internal reforms that enable them to deal with any future crises.”

He added, “the new Coronavirus pandemic is added to all these, which came as a grain of cherry on top of sweets, I think we have a complete recipe for the explosion in the region, unless we pay attention to the reform and cooperation between the countries of the region.”

He pointed out that the war in Yemen deviated from its destination, and said that “its aim was to start protecting the borders of Saudi Arabia and stabilizing the legitimate government, but later it was revealed that it took place without a specific strategy and declared goals.” 

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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