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Finance Minister’s Visit To Saudi Should Be Invested To Discussing/ Selling Oil To India And Lowering Its Prices By Saudi / And Its Negative Impact On Iraq

Baghdad, Economist Raad Tuwaij called on the government to invest the visit of the Minister of Finance to Saudi Arabia to discuss the issue of selling oil to India and reducing its prices by Saudi Arabia, which directly affects the Iraqi oil market, indicating that Iraq is the first source of India and today it has been replaced by Saudi Arabia.

Tuwaij said in a statement to NINA: Saudi Arabia is trying, through sharp cuts in Saudi oil prices, to replace Iraqi oil in the Indian market, which is the third largest oil importer in the world, and that such policies cannot be accepted by a brother country claiming its desire to support Iraq which passes the circumstances of economic difficult contrary to Saudi kingdom, which enjoys financial abundance more than $ 2 trillion and such actions must be faced by reaction of the Iraqi government to protect its interests and the interests of its people, as such behaviors indicate a lack of a sense of responsibility towards other peoples and lack of wisdom. ”

He pointed out that “Iraq is examining various measures in order to provide its people with the necessities of living from salaries and wages and selling its oil for less than seven points from the world market price for oil, knowing that India imports four and a half million barrels per day and Iraq was the first source for India and today it has been replaced by Saudi Arabia.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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