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Int’l Concern About The High Number Of infections And Deaths Of Coronavirus In Five Countries, Including Iraq

Baghdad, The World Health Organization issued a statement today, Wednesday, expressing its grave concern over the increase in the number of new infections of the Coronavirus, with the increasing number of deaths in a number of countries.

The statement issued by the Regional Director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Ahmed bin Salem Al-Manzari said: The world is facing a critical stage after the number of cases of Covid-19 has reached 10 million cases worldwide, and a million cases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

He added: Today, three countries constitute more than 50% of the total number of cases reported in the region: Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The number of newly reported cases is also increasing in Iraq, Libya, Morocco, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Oman. Almost 87% of all reported deaths are in five countries: Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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