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Iran- We will stand with Saudi Arabia in the worst circumstances

Baghdad, Iran has confirmed that it will stand with Saudi Arabia in the worst circumstances, as it has also stood with Kuwait and Qatar.

The Assistant Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Hussein Amir Abdollahian, stressed in statements carried by the Iranian Fars News Agency, the importance of Saudi Arabia to stop antagonizing Iran, and that his country will stand by Saudi Arabia in the worst conditions just as it stood by Kuwait when the invasion, and by Qatar during the blockade .

Abdollahian added, “Saudi Arabia must normalize its relations with neighboring countries, regardless of who lives in the White House, as well as abandon its unconstructive policies in the region if it wants to act rationally and logically,” as he put it.

He stressed that his country is the most important neighbor of Saudi Arabia and that it can count on us in bad conditions.

Abdollahian indicated that: his country opens the roads to the Saudi side, but the choice is up to it, indicating that: Iran keeps the way for Saudi Arabia open to normalize relations, and the choice is up to the Saudi side.

On the Yemeni issue, Abdollahian said: Saudi Arabia must pursue a political solution in Yemen if it wants to preserve its security, and to abandon military solutions there, as it is useless.

He noted that Saudi Arabia cannot support terrorist groups with money and weapons in one hand, and carry an olive branch with another and talk about regional peace and security, according to him.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency