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General Presidency Applies High-Tech Services to Serve Umrah Performers

Makkah, The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has harnessed modern technology to serve Umrah performers and worshipers, by providing the (Tanaqul) application through which visitors and Umrah performers can book electric and non-electric vehicles via their smartphones, to perform Tawaf and Sa’y inside the Grand Mosque.
The Mobility Services Department has allocated the mezzanine floor on the first floor, which can be accessed from three gates into the Grand Mosque, for the Umrah performers to perform Tawaf and Sa’y in their especially-designated vehicles,.
The department has also provided more than (5,000) non-electric and nearly (3000) electric vehicles for the elderly visitors, sick people and people with disabilities, and those who suffer from the difficulty of movement, in order to facilitate their performing of the rituals.


Source: Saudi Press Agency