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A Person Wanted for Security, Killed Himself with an Explosive Belt he was Wearing, Injuring an Expat and 3 Security Men, State Security Reports


Jeddah– As a security squad was chasing a Saudi national wanted for investigation, and when he was about to be apprehended in his whereabouts in Al-Samer District of Jeddah Governorate last Wednesday, he killed himself by detonating to suicide an explosive belt he was wearing, injuring an expatriate and three security men, the State Security announced today.

In a statement, the Spokesman of the Presidency of the State Security said that pursuant to the statement issued on 21/4/1437 H. announcing a list of ten persons wanted to the security authorities, and, during a security follow-up of that matter, the authority concerned at the State Security has successfully pinpointed the location of the person No. 4 on that list: Abdullah bin Zaid Abdulrahman Al-Bakry Al-Shihry that at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday 12/1/1444, he was in Al-Samer district of Jeddah governorate. The moment he was about to be arrested, he detonated an explosive belt he was wearing to kill himself, inflicting a Pakistani expatriate and three security men with different injuries, the statement said, adding that they were rushed to hospital for necessary treatment.

The Presidency of the State Security reiterates its determination to continue confronting whoever attempts to tamper the stability of citizens and expatriates on the territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the statement concluded.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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