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Acting Minister Of Electricity Announces The Completion Of The Iraqi-Gulf Interconnection

Baghdad The Acting Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, announced today, Friday, the completion of the Iraqi-Gulf interconnection, and while explaining the reason for the delay in its launch so far, he revealed that important agreements had been reached with international companies that will increase the production capacity in Iraq to 7500 megawatts.

He told the official Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "during the current summer, the electric power was increased to very high levels," noting that "without the Iranian gas restrictions, we would have reached greater numbers."

He added, "The ministry made great efforts last summer, and during the other two weeks, electricity was supplied to citizens by 24 hours, in addition to the improvement of the weather," noting that "the ministry has a set of solar energy contracts with the French Total, the Norwegian Scatec, the Emirati Masdar, and Ur Gene, and we have arrived to very important agreements that serve electric power and increase production capacity, according to the set of contracts, to 7,500 megawatts over the next two years, and this is important.”

He explained, "Solar energy projects are within the plan of the government and the Ministry of Electricity, and we have come a long way compared to neighboring countries, and we will reach 7500 megawatts," noting that "the approvals obtained from the Council of Ministers will reach the ministry through it and within two years to 5,000 megawatts, and this is very important for Iraq to get clean energy.

He indicated, "These approvals will help Iraq to obtain loans from international companies and banks in order to build stations or other works in the field of electricity."

And regarding the connection with the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the minister stressed, "The connection with the Gulf and Jordan has been completed, and also the Iraqi-Iranian connection is continuing, in addition to the connection with Turkey has been completed, and only the line remains to be operated."

He continued, "The ministry has prepared the current gas and steam stations with good production capacities and has important plans during the coming summer," noting that "the delay in the Gulf connection is just routine procedures, as well as determinations of the tariff and sale price with the Gulf brothers, and when the fair price is reached between the two parties, we will proceed with it."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency