Al-Hakim: The stability in Kirkuk and the level of societal and component harmony are part of the state of stability in which Iraq is living


The Head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, affirmed that the stability that Kirkuk is experiencing and the level of societal and component harmony are part of the state of stability that Iraq is experiencing.

A statement by his office stated that Al-Hakim visited the province of Kirkuk for love and brotherhood. He met with the Governor, Rakan Saeed al-Jubouri, directors of departments there and a number of its security leaders, and stressed that Kirkuk is the capital of diversity in Iraq, and success in it is a success for all of Iraq.

He explained that stability in Kirkuk came as a result of the deep sacrifices and the pure blood of the martyrs, calling for more internal harmony at the level of government leaders, noting that harmony is a prerequisite for continuing to provide services and upgrading the urban and developmental reality, stressing the importance of the provincial coordination body, and that its activation is evidence of interest of the federal government in the governorates.

Al-Hakim called for restoring the status of a statesman after the smear campaign he was subjected to through negative turbans, stressing that services are a basic entry point for restoring the citizen's confidence in his political system, state institutions and government officials.

He stressed that the current stability has proven the ability of the democratic system to present a model of fair governance in contrast to the false vision that wanted to convince us that Iraq is not managed except through dictatorship and one opinion.

He explained that Al- Sudani government has a political cover represented by the State Administration Coalition, which represents a ruling coalition with a national title, indicating that one of the factors of the strength of Al-Sudani government is the career and administrative hierarchy of the Prime Minister, which made him aware of the problems and the mechanism for implementing decisions.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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