Arab Parliament Condemns Israeli Attack on UNRWA School

Riyadh: The Arab Parliament has strongly condemned the Israeli occupation’s shelling of a United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) school, serving as a shelter for thousands of displaced civilians in the Nuseirat camp located within the Gaza Strip. The airstrike resulted in the tragic loss of life and injuries, with the majority of victims being children and women.

In a statement released today, the parliament emphasized that the recurring targeting of schools and refugee shelters, along with the perpetration of horrific massacres by the Israeli occupation, constitutes an ongoing genocidal war and ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinian people. Such actions flagrantly violate numerous international resolutions and laws, particularly international humanitarian law.

The parliament calls upon the international community, the UN Security Council and influential nations to exert substantial pressure on the Israeli occupation, demanding an immediate cessation of its genocida
l war and brutal massacres against innocent Palestinian civilians.

Furthermore, the parliament urged the swift accountability of those responsible for these heinous massacres and crimes as war criminals. Additionally, urgent measures must be taken to facilitate the entry of humanitarian and medical aid into the Gaza Strip, providing essential relief from the dire conditions and famine gripping the region.

Source: Saudi Press Agency