Arab Parliament Praises Saudi Arabia, Oman Efforts to Arrive at Peace in Yemen

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel bin Abdurrahman Al-Assoumi has praised the efforts exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman to end the war in Yemen and reach a just and comprehensive peace, stressing that these endeavors are a continuation of previous Gulf initiative that have paved the way for restoring stability and ensuring decent living conditions for the Yemeni people.


In a statement on Sunday, Al-Assoumi expressed hope that these efforts will help Yemenis end the war that has been going on for years and will lead to setting up the basis for a state of institutions, as well as facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Yemenis.


Al-Assoumi added that since the outbreak of the crisis, the Kingdom has been exerting big efforts to arrive at a comprehensive political solution to the Yemeni crisis, end the conflict among Yemenis, and ensure security and stability in the country.


He also commended the endeavors made by the Omani diplomacy to bring perspectives closer together among all parties to the conflict.




Source: Saudi Press Agency