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Arab Parliament Speaker Strongly Condemns the Burning of the Holy Quran by an Extremist in Denmark

Speaker of the Arab Parliament Adel bin Abdulrahman Al-Asoomi has expressed his strong condemnation of the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran by an extremist in Denmark capital, Copenhagen, warning against such provocative acts that fuel hate, call for violence and threaten the security and stability of societies.

In a statement today, Al-Asoomi said: "The burning of the Holy Quran is an act of barbarism, which is condemned by all international laws and conventions. It is also contrary to human and moral values and principles.” He highlighted the importance of promoting tolerance, peaceful coexistence, acceptance of others, and avoiding abuse of religions and their symbols.

The speaker stressed that extremists will not achieve their despicable purposes, adding that Islam will remain strong in facing these systematic campaigns that will never undermine it, and calling on the international community to vigorously address such acts and prevent abuse of all religions.

Source: Saudi Press Agency