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Arabian Peninsula Explorers Find Remains of Ostrich Eggs, Rock Drawings, Inscriptions about Different Environmental Life


Musaiqlah– Members of an expedition to revive the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, conducted by Explorer Mark Evans and his team, in the footsteps of Explorer Abdullah Philby, found remains of birds and animals that lived in areas they passed through, such as ostriches, lions, and eagles, in addition to rock drawings and inscriptions as evidence of life and a different environment in those places.

The exploring team cited some remains of ostrich eggs in Nafud Dalqan between moving sand cavities, also the presence of clerical sculptures and rock drawings at the peak of Mount Musaiqlah, which, these discoveries, tell the story of life at the time and how they were a means of communication among people to move from one place to another as signals that remained a witness to the authenticity of that era despite geological erosion factors of the place and man in those areas where erosion factors dominated for long years.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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