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Biban 23 Highlights the Importance of Entrepreneurship for Expansion of Economy and Emergence of Promising Industries in the Kingdom

Riyadh, March 12, 2023, SPA -- Majid bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, the Minister of Municipal, Rural, and Housing, has reiterated the role of government agencies in providing services to entrepreneurs and their contribution to the growth of the global economy.

This came while Al-Hogail was taking part in a panel discussion today that was part of the Biban 23 Forum's activities and was titled "The Importance of Entrepreneurship for the Development of the Economy and the Growth of Promising Sectors in the Kingdom."

He highlighted the critical role of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses in the Kingdom's promising sectors and emphasized the importance of their support.

Al-Hogail also emphasized the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the achievements made in recent years, thanks to the coordinated efforts of government agencies, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Source: Saudi Press Agency