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British explorer and his team invite school students to enhance their connection with nature

Bahrah, outskirts of Jeddah-- British explorer Mark Evans and his team underlined the importance of purposeful expeditions based on information and data, encouraging future generations to research nature and the secrets of mountains, dunes, and trees, as well as the tools used such as maps and modern technology, including Magellan and Google Earth, which explain how to navigate by roads and places and their names.

They also talked about life in the desert of the Kingdom, how it was and how it has become, and the expedition of explorer Abdullah Philby to the Saudi desert and his documentation of the most important events during his journey.

This came during the meeting of Evans and his team with the students of the British / Dutch International School in Jeddah today, during their arrival in Bahrah, on the outskirts of Jeddah in the last stages of their journey, before concluding their second journey tomorrow in historic Jeddah.

Source: Saudi Press Agency