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Cruise Saudi Welcomes MS Amadea to Jeddah Islamic Port


Cruise Saudi, a Public Investment Fund (PIF)-owned entity, welcomed the MS Amadea ship to Saudi waters for the first time, with more than 400 tourists from around the world onboard who experienced Saudi Arabia’s unique history, natural wonders, and warm and welcoming hospitality.

MS Amadea is operated by the German-based travel agency Phoenix Reisen. The stop in Jeddah is part of a 150-day worldwide itinerary, with the ship concluding its voyage in Nice on May 22. During its maiden call to Jeddah, a plaque and key exchange ceremony was held with the Cruise Saudi team and the captain of MS Amadea. After Jeddah, the ship traveled further along the Red Sea to Hurghada, Egypt, and continued to Nice for the end of the trip.

Cruise Saudi Director of Port, Terminal and Asset Operations, Serafin Blazquez, said: “Relationships with global cruise liners, travel agents, and tour operators are hugely important to our strategy in growing Saudi as a tourism destination, and we’re thrilled to have partnered with MS Amadea in welcoming new travelers to experience all that Saudi has to offer.”

MS Amadea Captain Martin Rittig said: “It was a pleasure to visit Saudi for the first time. We received excellent feedback from our passengers and were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm shown by all parties.”

“During the traditional plague exchange ceremony, you could feel the team’s passion and motivation. Based on this first experience, we are really looking forward to coming back and watching Saudi grow as a cruise destination,” Rittig said.

Launched in 2021, Cruise Saudi was created to develop the infrastructure and services required to scale a full-suite cruise market in Saudi Arabia. The company is responsible for developing and operating cruise berths and terminals as cruise gateways to key Saudi destinations, as well as scaling cruise services, from marketing to Shorex design and coordination and vessel operations.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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