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Economist: Imposing Any Taxes To Finance The Budget Deficit Is A Government Failure


The specialist in economic affairs, Dergham Muhammad Ali, confirmed that the high budget deficit is unacceptable, calling for a review of it and not to impose taxes to cover it.

He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “the budget deficit estimated for the expected budget is the highest in the history of Iraq,” adding that, “covering the deficit by imposing additional taxes is the destruction of the fragile market economy that suffers from inflation that is the highest in several years.”

He indicated that “the budget has expanded spending without finding real resources, “indicating that “thinking of putting pressure on the citizen through any kind of tax is considered economic sabotage and an unprecedented increase in inflation rates and will lead to a distortion of the government’s image in the eyes of the citizen.”

He pointed out, “The government must rectify any promotion of the existence of taxes that exhaust the citizen in any way, as it will lead to an increase in inflation much more than the desired benefit from these taxes if they have any benefit originally.” At the same time, he called for “the continuation of the approach of the prime minister, the government in his earlier era when he was minister of labor and social affairs, when he was given the title of the Father of Poor, and he must strengthen this image of him while he is at the top of the hierarchy of power in the country.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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